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Where founders & executives

become legendary leaders

Our mission is to help founders and executives manage their internal psychology, so that they can lead from a place of clarity, confidence and empowered being. With expert coaching, our clients organically grow into leaders that people want to follow, building teams & companies that thrive.

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Thank you for working with me, Sylvana. The strongest takeaway was about how my own internal language to myself can deeply affect people's perception of me! In our work I've realized that in trying to “protect” myself, I put up a barrier that has been counterproductive and detrimental in both my work and personal life… With this realization— that a barrier pushes away more than it protects, now I am eager to learn about how to be in a world connected to others. Thank you for pushing me on the hard stuff, and your patience with me when on the rough days. E.S., Director of NYC startup

This is the platform from which authenticity and readiness ignite. At The Insightful Executive, I help socially conscious leaders and organizations to powerfully leverage human-centered tools and approaches to create unprecedented results.

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